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"I just wanted to say a huge “Thank You”. The time I spend with you in our coaching sessions, allows me to discuss challenges, discover opportunities and provides clarity. I have found our coaching sessions hugely beneficial in finding the pathway and remaining on it."

Darran Ginn; Manager - Hearing Australia

​Hi Tarun, I attended your Influencing program and seminar and the results have been nothing short of outstanding, in both my business and to me personally. May you long continue to make such a powerful contribution.

Judith Kohler; Mortgage Broker - Aussie Loans 

Tarun, I just thought I would drop you a line and say thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to Grow. Your courses have provided me with the knowledge and confidence to step up. I was nominated and voted in as President of the Southside Chamber of Commerce. Prior to attending your sessions, I would never have even considered this – preferring to stay in the back ground, not valuing my skills – which you continue to hone.

Kathline Lewis; Financial Advisor - Ark Financial Planning

Tarun Stevenson

Founder Lead Communicate Grow 

Do you feel stuck? You know you’ve got potential to lead, connect and grow beyond where you are now, but you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling on your growth?

You know you’ve got more in you but you you can’t seem to move forward and you’re not sure where to start?

Don’t give up and whatever you do, DON’T SETTLE! There is way more to you than you think or than others would have you believe. You can break through your growth barrier and reach your dreams.

I totally understand how you feel. I’ve been there and I’m here to help... Hi I’m Tarun Stevenson and I am a John Maxwell certified personal development coach, teacher and speaker. I work with individuals and organizations, helping them to identify areas of obstacle and limitation in their growth and through development of leadership, communication and personal growth. I help to guide my client’s to a path that will lift the lid on their potential.

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About Tarun 

Tarun Stevenson is a highly engaging Leadership and Behaviour Management coach and speaker based in Brisbane Australia. He is passionate about helping business owners leaders and executives; lead with confidence, communicate for connection and grow to their full potential both professionally and personally.

Having worked as a leader in the finance, education and not -for-profit sectors, Tarun has become a sought-after keynote presenter, consultant and coach of Behaviour Management and Leadership.

Tarun is a certified leadership coach with the John Maxwell Team and has spoken to audiences throughout SE Asia, the USA, Australia and New Zealand as well as sharing the stage with greats such as Pat Mesiti, Wendy Burns and more.

He is an exceptional presenter with the ability to take complex concepts and make them accessible for every audience with just the right blend of story, humour and sound research. Tarun presents practical and applicable strategies that both challenge and equip his audiences to go further faster in their chosen field of endeavour.

Holding degrees in Education and Philosophy, Tarun does not just share empty platitudes but offers a depth of knowledge that is grounded in research and real-world experience.

Tarun believes that ethical, transformational leaders not only influence their families, communities and businesses positively but can also transform whole nations.

 As a result, he has a goal to raise up 10 000 ethical and transformational leaders in the emerging economic centres of Australasia, India, SE Asia and the Middle East and raise up the next generation of leaders who will lead with integrity, character and purpose for the good of not only themselves but also for the good of the communities, organisations and countries they lead.

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