It’s a Process… Don’t Quit Yet!

I’m here under my house where we have been renovating this weekend. We had a plaster out this week to help finish the walls, for my North American friends that say somebody who does dry-walling.

And so he was here and I was in helping him and he gave me the task of filling in the screw holes. He showed me what to do, but when I first started I felt like a little child. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing because what he made look easy, for me was really difficult, because I had not done it before.

With any kind of personal development or personal growth, the process of learning is so crucial to get to where you want to go. If we don’t go through the process of learning we never actually become all that we can be…

See my friend who is the plaster has been plastering for 10 years. Of course it looks easy for him. I have never plastered so of course it’s going to be difficult for me the first time I do it. But if we take the time to go through the process of learning then we will actually come out the other side, better and more skillful for it.

Never worry about process, or get upset by the process because the process is what gets you to your destination. You are not going to get to your destination overnight it’s going to take time. Stick at it and you will get there…

I’m Tarun Stevenson reminding you, you can lead no matter where you find yourself in life.

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