As a man thinketh… Your thoughts matter!

Hi Tarun Stevenson for Lead Communicate Grow. There is an ancient Jewish proverb that goes something like this: as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Basically as a person thinks and feels in their inner self, their internal monologue, that’s how their life becomes.

Your life follows the patterns of your thoughts. James Allen once wrote a book of the same title; As a Man Thinketh. It’s well worth the read (grab a free pdf copy here), but I want to just ask you today to examine your attitude and your thoughts.Because the way that you talk about yourself, the way you talk about your situation, the way you talk about your present inside is how you’re outside often becomes.

Are you the sort of person that when you make a mistake you call yourself an idiot or you tell yourself you are too stupid to do something or you beat yourself up inside because maybe you haven’t achieved what you thought you could achieve.

Well sadly, beating yourself up does not normally motivate you to become better. What it does is; it actually keeps you locked in a pattern of repeating the same mistakes.

If you really want a change the way life looks for you, the way that you look at life, the way that you experience the life, the way that people experience you, it starts with your internal monologue. It starts with your thoughts and your attitudes towards yourself. Be kind to yourself, even if you make mistakes. Be encouraging to yourself, build yourself up, learn to start talking to yourself positively and give yourself permission to succeed… because the way that you think is the way that your life becomes.

Go out today and write down five things that are great about you and I want to encourage you; this week, everyday tell yourself those things. Tell yourself the things that are great about you because there is something good about you…

We have all got stuff that is good about ourselves and we have got to get into the habit of actually reminding ourselves that we are worthwhile and that we deserve success and that we deserve to move forward in our lives.

Be kind to yourself. Change your thoughts and you can lead well no matter where you find yourself.

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PS: If you’d like to read James Allan’s “As a Man Thinketh” grab your FREE pdf download of it here >>> Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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