Fear Factor: step out of your comfort zone…

With every step of your personal development, you are going to have to overcome fear. What’s holding you back?

When I was about six years old the theme park or amusement park near my home opened up a new roller coaster. It was called the Thunderbolt… the Thunderbolt was the first roller coaster in Australia to do a full double loop, so you actually went upside down.

I had been watching the advertisements, I had been hearing my friends talk about it and I was desperate to go to Dream World and ride the Thunderbolt.

One day my family finally got to go and we went, I was looking forward to it and I couldn’t talk about anything else except getting on this thunderbolt.

Well we got there and the first challenge I had to overcome was I had to see if was tall enough and so I went up to the measuring stick and you know I was just tall enough, I was taller than my brother, so I was going to get to go but my brother wasn’t. I was so excited, but then I stood by the fence and actually watch the roller coaster to go through the loops…

All of a sudden terror and fear gripped me. My six-year old brain could not comprehend how I was going to go through this roller coaster, upside down and actually not fall out.

Well my Dad got in the line and  I couldn’t make up my mind whether I was going to go on the roller coaster or not go on the roller coaster.

I stood in the line with my Dad for a few minutes, I ran back to my Mom thinking; “no I am not going to do it, I am too scared…”, then I’d run back to my Dad and stand in the line then I’d run back to my Mom… finally I determined myself no, I’m going to do it, I am going to do it, I am going to get past my fear and I am going to get on this roller coaster….

Well, our turn came, we got in to the roller coaster car and the straps came down to hold us in and then it started with a big clunk and a shudder and it started to go up the first inclined, you know how roller coasters are. They go slowly click, click, click, click up the steep incline that’s going to get the momentum…

Well, all of the sudden fear overwhelmed me…

As I started to see the ground fall away from our roller coaster, I could not do anything except cry; I want to get off this roller coaster. My Dad tried his best to distract me. He was telling me that my Uncle lived over the hill and to look at the view and all these other things to distract me. But I was so gripped with fear of what was coming up…

You see when you are going up the incline of the roller coaster, you don’t actually know what’s on the other side until you have actually been there. So the sheer terror that grips you that first time as you click up the hill to get to that crest and go down the other side is probably what makes it so exciting and what makes people want to get on over and over again.

But as my six-year old brain was just fixed gripper with fear all I could do was cry and close my eyes and scream I want to get off, I want to get off, I want to get off… But of course I could not get off. Then we got to the crest and I felt that adrenaline rush and my stomach came up into my mouth as we plummeted down to the other side and then we wirled around at high speeds and we hit the first loop and we went upside down and hit the second loop and we went upside down and then all of a sudden… my terror and fear turn to sheer exhilaration.

I was having the time of my life and within a few seconds the whole roller coaster ride was over and we pulled in to the stop. The first thing I said to my Dad was come we go again that was amazing!

You know the funny thing about doing something new. If you want to develop in your life, if you want to get ahead, if you want to go beyond where you are currently, you are going to have to deal with the fear of the unknown.

At every step of your personal growth you are going to overcome the fear barrier. When you can overcome that fear barrier, what happens after you do it with the first time is you actually stretch your comfort zone. The next time round, you are actually going to feel more confident, more excited about going into the unknown.

With every step of your personal development, you are going to have to overcome fear. But when you step out you are going to get the results for it and you are going to able to say that you did things that other people were too scared to try.

You know if you want to do more go further in your life, be more than you are today, learn to embrace fear that comes with stepping out because after you take the first step it is going to be sheer exhilaration because you are going to experience things, well beyond your potential and well beyond your comfort zone.

You can lead well no matter where you find yourself in life. Overcome that fear barrier and step out, you can do it!

I am Tarun Stevenson reminding you that you can lead no matter where you find yourself. Make sure you comment, share with your friend, and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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