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"Register immediately, it's definitely worth doing! A fantastic workshop. Great presentation." - Vanessa (Teacher; Woodridge State High School)

"Armed me with a much broader suite of behaviour management tools to draw on. Definitely do it! The real life, coalface experiences that Tarun discusses makes the PD ideal for all levels of education - primary or secondary." - Peter (Student Connections Teacher; Woodridge State High School)

"Practical strategies to use, not just theory." - Jacqi (Teacher; Yeronga State High School)

"I am so glad I came today! Definitely go. I feel more prepared with knowledge to control my class." - Michael (Teacher; Mabel Park State High School)

"Go along - take your scenarios with you and workshop them." - Susan (Teacher; Woodridge State High School)

"Great PD to learn essential and helpful behavioural skills." - Caleb (Teacher; Woodridge State High School)

"Very engaging PD. Really unpacked ASOT for me! The behaviour strategies were very well explained and the examples gave advice which is easy to follow. If you feel that you need to make the most of your lessons or even extend your behaviour skills - this PD will give you a great amount of strategies to embed in your teaching." - Alek (Teacher; Mabel Park State High School)

"A great refresher for experienced teachers or an introduction for new, beginning teachers. It has lots of practical strategies for the classroom. The real-life examples make the information relate-able to classroom context." - Kimberley (Teacher; Mabel Park State High School)

"Tarun's PD has helped me reflect on my practice and identify where I can improve in my strategies. Go for it, it will put things in perspective for you and provide encouragement for success. Easy to listen to, engaging and relevant. Good humour made for enjoyable learning." - Suraiya (Teacher; Australian International Islamic College)

"Very worthwhile and an engaging presenter. A great reminder that it is ok to make mistakes, but learn from them." - Emily (Teacher; Yeronga State High School)

"Added new tools to my teaching toolbox and was reminded of others that I had forgotten all about! Very valuable. Thank you so much!" - Leigh (HPE Teacher)

A very informative and engaging PD. I learned strategies that will support me in dealing with my classroom behaviour issues. In particular it has helped me to build rapport and support my students better." - James (Teacher; Mabel Park State High School)

“There is always something we can do to improve our classroom management and this PD gave me great practical strategies for establishing good routines and high expectations.” – Danielle (Teacher; St. Peters Lutheran College)

“Take lots of notes, there is a lot of information.” – Cassie (Teacher; Woodridge State High School)

“Tarun’s PD has made me aware of strategies that I already have in place, but need to re-enforce. It has helped me to reflect and become more aware of my teaching practice.” - Tasneem (Teacher; Australian International Islamic College)

“The functional behaviour section was very helpful in helping me understand the factors that drive behaviour.” – Yuxi (Teacher; Australian International Islamic College)

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